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Laid Off: How to use automated tools to easily update your resume after a layoff

Episode Summary

I've procrastinated fixing up my resume for a week. I may be a career expert but I am not immune to procrastination, especially when it comes to resumes. This episode tackles the big, bad resume. But instead of giving you tips and tricks, I'm walking you through three automated tools to help you improve your resume the easy way. Don't suffer through the resume writing process without help. These tools will sort you out: ZETY: Writing resume bullet points is the worst. This takes the pain out of writing bullet points. Zety is a user friendly resume builder platform with loads of templates. But the real benefit of this platform is that it has pre-written bullet points for your job title. Pop your job title into the tool, get resume-ready bullet points. EMSI: Make sure you're communicating the right skills for the job you want. This resume-optimizer scans your resume and compares it to your target job title. The tool shows you which skills are on your resume that are relevant for the job you want. It's super useful for helping you improve your bullet points, and find skill gaps. JOBSCAN: This is the tool that helps you get past the dreaded ATS machine and make sure it's actually seen by recruiters. Compare your resume with a job description that you want to apply to. Upload your resume to Jobscan and you'll learn where your resume shines, where it fails, and how to make it better. It's like having a human review your resume, but faster. Plus, I talk about why career coaches are valuable, how to find them, and then I recommend a human resume review company to help you out too. As always, get my book: Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots

Episode Notes

Three tools to help you update your resume after a layoff: 

  1. Zety: https://zety.com/
  2. EMSI: https://skills.emsidata.com/resume
  3. Jobscan: jobscan.co 

Learn all about Apllicant Tracking Systems (ATS) here:

Get your resume reviewed by a human for free at Job Sauce: 

Awesome new book alternative to Amazon: 

The Mom Project: 5-day Resume Challenge

Silver Linings Layoff support community and resources

New career book:  Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots