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BONUS: Upskilling yourself: How to learn new skills for any career path

Episode Summary

Reskilling. Upskilling. It seems like everyone is talking about skills lately. New technology like automation and artificial intelligence are changing the workplace. Upskilling is a way to adapt to the changes in our workplace. Upskilling is a verb and a mindset. It’s the act of learning new skills to improve your professional life. It’s also a willingness to accept that things are changing, take charge of your learning and development, and not burry your head in the sand. This bonus episode dives into what it means to upskill and how to learn new skills. You’ll hear why you should upskill yourself and find ways to upskill your career. You'll also hear me say upskill a bajillion times. This is part of my keynote Upskill Now: Adapting to the Age of the Agile Worker. It's based on my new book Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots. This episode on upskilling yourself covers: - How to find the right learning experience to help you upskill - How to upskill yourself while working - How to find free learning opportunities in your workplace - Choosing companies that provide a learning environment - How to choose a digital bootcamp - Why leaders and management need to upskill as well For speaking inquires, visit www.nicollemerrill.com Got thoughts on this podcast episode? Contact me at hello at 50 conversations dot com.