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Don't get too comfortable: How to make a change in the middle of your career

Episode Summary

In this episode we're talking about what it's like at the start of a career change. Stephanie shares what she's learned as she starts her shift from higher education advising into instructional design and voice acting.

Episode Notes

This is an extra special episode. In this conversation, I'm chatting with someone who is at the beginning of her career change journey.

Stephanie has had a fabulous international career working in higher education. Now, she’s just started the process to make the jump to instructional design and voice acting. In this episode, she explains in detail how she found her next path and selected the right educational program to get her started on her next career path. We talk about her interest in her new field of instructional design and how a career coach helped her figure it out.

Plus, we talk about the finding your strengths and the paths you might discover as you start the career change process. Stephanie’s curiosity practically jumps out of the episode and into your ears in this episode.

This episode is a must-listen for any mid-career professional looking for a change and wanting to learn how to work through the process. And if you’re curious about the field of online learning and development, Stephanie shares what she’s learned about the industry so far.

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Quotes from the episode that'll motivate you to make a career change right now:

“Knowing what your strengths are, knowing what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, and what you like to do, is important as you consider what comes next for yourself. That’s all a part of it.”

“I was at a point where I was too content to the point where I wasn’t really moving forward. It was too comfortable. I needed to be challenged.”

“This role has been transformational for me. But it’s also still time to get out of my comfort zone. This why I’m pursuing this new graduate degree, this new voice over opportunity, to challenge myself and enjoy what I’m doing. And then build on the skills and experience in to the next career."

“Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you from moving forward. Imposter syndrome manifests itself as feelings of inadequacy sometimes or there are behaviors where you doubt your own accomplishments or have this fear of being exposed as a fraud. So don't let that stop you or hold up your progress. I want people to believe that they are more ready than they think they are. If they feel that sense of discontent with their current career, act on it, don't settle."